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Atoll Touches Down at The Listening Post

Atoll, amplifier, streamer, power, amp, dac


Atoll has arrived at The Listening Post with a wide range of high-end audio equipment that boasts high performance at a fair price. The company has a strong focus on producing high quality products and backs this up with a rigorous manufacturing process. To ensure accuracy down to the finest details manufacturing is kept as manual as possible with many stages of production involving handmade implementation and testing of the electrical components. All manufacturing as well as thorough testing is conducted at Atoll's main plant in France.


Atoll, amplifier, streamer, power, amp, dac       Atoll, amplifier, streamer, power, amp, dac



Our Range


The Listening Post has acquired an impressive range of ATOLL equipment for customers to get their hands on. The ATOLL 50 - 80 - 100 range of integrated amplifiers provides flexibility for customers to mix and match products to suit their home system. Diving deeper for a more accurate listening experience the rest of ATOLL's range including the 100 - 200 - 300 ranges offer unparalleled experiences at an extremely competitive price point. ATOLL's range of multi channel power amplifiers also peaks our interest. The 3 channel AV100 and 5 channel AV500 provide unique all-in-one solutions for your home cinema with impressive control and ground breaking technical advances. Finally we would be mad to not mention the streamers provided by ATOLL. Rarely do we see such an intuitive and consistently performing streamer for a company like ATOLL. The MS120 Mini Streamer is an obvious choice for anyone looking to modernize their system without the need for upgrading everything. The SDA200 Signature Streaming Amplifier is the cream of the crop and has everything needed for a fully immersive HiFi stereo experience right at home. 


View the rest of our ATOLL range here.


Product Spotlight: SDA200 Signature Streaming Amplifier


Atoll, amplifier, streamer, power, amp, dac


This all-in-one amplifier integrates playback of music stored on your home network and connection to popular services such as Tidal, Spotify, Deezer and Qobuz in a stunning and uniquely designed unit that's sure to capture anyone's gaze. The trio of control makes for impressive ease of use as users have the flexibility to decide between using the front display, remote control or the free ATOLL Signature app. The front panel is equipped with an attractive display that informs the listener about details on the music they are listening to including the name, album art and quality of the music. The free ATOLL Signature app provides a streamlined way of controlling the unit by selecting inputs or streaming services and controlling volume without needing to be in the same room. These features make the ATOLL SDA200 Signature Streaming Amplifier an aggressive competitor with similar products at a higher price range and it stands out as an ideal option for anyone wanting to take their home system to the next level.


To read more about the SDA200 click here


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