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Paradigm gets another 5 star review!

Paradigm have just received another fantastic review of their Cinema 100 pack.
Check out some highlights below, or read the full review here


Paradigm's Cinema 100 CT earns Trusted Reviews "Recommended" status and a 9/10 star review!

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 12:23 PM PDT
Danny Phillips of Trusted Reviews tested out our Cinema 100 CT 5.1 system and gave it a score of 9/10 and the lovely, "Trusted Reviews Recommended" stamp of approval - what an honor that is! Here are some highlights from the review...


Gloriously Good Looking

"These are gloriously good looking speakers, giving off a palpable sense of quality both visually and to the touch. The cabinets, fashioned from mineral-filled polymer and coated in a sexy gloss black finish, have a satisfying robustness about them – confirmed by the dull, solid thud that comes back when you tap one as opposed to the hollow thonk that some speakers reply with. What’s more they’re fairly hefty, which is always a positive sign."

"The subwoofer is styled with an equal sense of panache. A black cloth grille is wrapped around the front, top and bottom of this cute cube, while the sides are lustrous gloss black panels, giving the Cinema Sub a level of cosmetic class that few subs can match."


Mesmerizing Performance

"In action this all translates into a mesmerizing performance. We’ve been blown away by several compact speaker systems of late, but this one really takes the biscuit. It’s a step up from most compact systems in terms of clarity, subtlety and composure, resulting in a sound that’s exhilarating, immersive and not lacking in large-scale ambition."

"The sound is clean and free from nasty clipping and harshness, even at neighbour-bothering volumes. Its beautiful high-frequency reproduction brings a wonderfully airy and spacious feel to the sound, while midrange reproduction is superb, allowing voices to burst forth with warmth and richness."

"The fronts and centre are a combined tour de force at the front, blending seamlessly with each other and crossing over to the sub in the smoothest, most harmonious way possible... The most remarkable aspect of the Cinema 100 CT’s performance is how it sounds much bigger than it is. They move the air with a level of gusto that you’d normally associate with floorstanding designs, making raucous action scenes sound immense."

"But what sets this system apart from its rivals most is the sheer brilliance of the subwoofer. Tight and thunderous, its potency defies its modest dimensions. Yet it’s about more than mere muscle. There’s a sensitivity and agility about its contribution that impressed us greatly, gently reinforcing everything from the score to deep-voiced dialogue. But when called for it’ll thump right through your chest."


The Verdict

"The Paradigm Cinema 100 CT is an outstanding speaker system. It boasts luxurious build quality and performance that’s a cut above your average compact package... Most impressive is how it makes you believe you’re listening to much bigger speakers, offering presence and authority beyond the norm – the mark of a truly triumphant compact system."


Very nice!


Click here! for more information on the Cinema 100 CT.

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