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Roon 1.8 Is Here!

Roon 1.8 Is Here!


After much anticipation, we are so excited to announce that Room 1.8 has finally been released and is ready for you to use to make the most of your system.


Roon 1.8 is a completely new immersive music experience. It features a new look, new intelligence, and new features designed for the community of experts that use Roon daily. Better still, Roon 1.8 makes it even easier for you to play and enjoy the music you love on the audio gear you love.


Here's what's new...


A completely new look & feel.

Roon now has a fresh new visual design that takes its inspiration from the idea of the museum – an airy, neutral environment in which to display things of beauty. Roon Labs also took cues from classic music magazines, using bold typography and innovative layout to bring music to life. Along with innovations in data presentation, Roon is now a joy to use.


More power and simplicity on every platform.

Roon 1.8 isn’t just nice to look at – they’ve also implemented a number of long-standing feature requests and rethought the experience of using Roon so it’s more consistent, streamlined, and easy to use. Roon scrolls vertically everywhere now, and it’s easier to browse through large libraries, multi-disc sets, or the life’s work of a notable composer or artist.


Context and meaning, powered by Valence.

Roon goes far beyond the “algorithmic recommendations” you’ll find in mass-market streaming products. Using its deep metadata and an understanding of their expert listeners from Valence, Roon now surfaces and suggests music with uncanny sensitivity and insight.


Artist Discography


Discography makes it easy to explore the complete recordings of even the most prolific artists and composers, starting with every release in the artist’s catalog, and continuing to their collaborations, group memberships, and appearances.


These are just some amoung the many new features and improvements that the new Roon 1.8 software provides, so what are you waiting for? Download it now.


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