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Pro-Ject + Ortofons New Vinyl Care Pack

Pro-Ject + Ortofons New Vinyl Care Pack

Rescue your record collection, and treat your vinyl right with Pro-Ject's new analogue first aid kit. Keep your turntable clean, tight and sharp with this specially-assembled set of tools, so your collection sounds better and lasts longer!


So what's in this Vinyl Care Kit that makes it the ultimate first aid kit for your records?


The Kit includes:

  • Carbon Fibre Record Brush: a gentle sweep of the brush will clean out the fiddliest parts of the groove to make your vinyl sparkle again.
  • Dry-Clean Stylus Brush: to pick up every last bit of fluff and dust that might be trapped in the grooves of your record collection.
  • Groove Grit Remover: this carbon-fibre stylus brush will gently clear away debris so you won't miss a single note!
  • Cartridge Alignment Card: an easy way to get your cartridge right where it should be so you can enjoy your albums like you were meant to.
  • Headshell Screwdriver: perfect for tweaking the screws that hold your turntables cartridge on.
  • Tracking Force Gauge: this simple gauge helps you find that sweet spot for smooth playback that's gentle on your vinyl. 
  • 360 degree Spirit Level: helping to keep your turntable level to help your deck last even longer.
  • Four Shock-Absorbing Pads: to protect your turntable from nasty vibrations, and make your music sound even clearer than ever!

The Vinyl Care Kit is available now at The Listening Post Christchurch and Wellington, so come in today if your turntable and records are in need of a little care!


Pro-Ject + Ortofons New Vinyl Care Pack


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