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Prime TV Moves on Freeview

On MON 7 OCT 2013, Prime changed the way it transmits its Freeview Satellite service. Since then, Prime is being broadcast directly by SKY TV.


The Sky TV version of Prime is broadcast Free-to-air, unencrypted, and is accessible by most Freeview satellite receivers.


(Technically: as of 23:59 on the 8th of October 2013, Sky will be removing the Prime service from the Kordia transponder 12.456GHz. The Freeview SI will no longer look at the service on the Kordia transponder but instead will point to the Prime service carried on the Sky 12.707GHz transponder.)


This has implications for some Freeview receivers:

All un-approved receivers will lose Prime from Wednesday 9th October. Please contact your supplier for instructions on how to re-tune. A factory reset will generally not re-tune the Optus D1 transponders.


Most Freeview approved receivers (those that carry the Freeview logo) should automatically update to the new Prime service. If you don’t receive Prime you may need to perform a blind scan or factory reset.


Depending on your Freeview receiver, you may be able to enter the new transponder directly (much faster than a blind scan). The Transponder is 12707 horozontal, with a symbol rate of 22500.

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