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Common Solutions to Netflix Issues


Oppo Netflix, netflix home theater 


We spend a lot of our time helping customers out with technical difficulties in their home theater and multi-room systems so over the years we have built up plenty of typical solutions to Netflix issues...


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Common Issues Covered:

  • Can't Sign In
  • App not Opening
  • Frequently Freezing
  • Poor Quality Playback
  • Can't Play That Right Now
  • Reduced Audio Dialogue

Our team is here to help: We have a team of dedicated installers and knowledgeable salespeople, who are more than happy to help with any home theater or multi-room issue.


Can't sign in:


Possible Causes:

  • Network not connected
  • TV / Streamer Malfunctioning
  • Netflix Down
  • Account Issue 

First, double check the device is connected to your network and has internet access, try using another app on the TV or streamer such as You-tube. If that doesn't work, make sure any network cables are connected and restart the device.


Next try signing in on a different device such as a smart phone or PC to check your internet, Netflix, and account are working correctly.


If you still have no luck, it's possible (although rare) that Netflix is having an outage.


Netflix App not Opening

Every now and then, the Netflix app on your device may refuse to open. This can often be solved by hard resetting the device. Power the streamer or TV down, leave it unplugged for 5 -10 minutes and then restart the device.


If this doesn't solve the problem, have a look to see if any software updates are available for the device and that it is fully up to date.


Frequently Freezing / Buffering / Loading


This is usually due to your network not being fast enough for the quality level you are trying to view. If you have the option, try to use a wired network rather than Wi-Fi, as it is typically much faster and more stable.


If you normally have no issues with this, try resetting the device your are using, or resetting your wireless router.


Poor Quality Playback

Netflix tailors the quality of the stream to your network connection, if you have a slow internet connection, this can cause the stream to look pixelated or blurry. Try resetting the router or using a faster internet connection if available.


Again, if you have no luck, make sure you are using a wired network connection and have reset both the router and the device you are using for playback.


Can't play that right now!

Sometimes Netflix pop's up with "oops, can't play that right now". If this is happening, it is either a device specific issue or potentially a Netflix network issue.


If the show works fine on your other devices, try resetting the device. If the device is an android or iOS device, you may need to reset the app, or clear the data associated with the app in the settings of the device.


Dialogue Level Too Low

It's a very common complaint that the voices are too quiet and sound effects are too loud. The first thing to check is that you are using the correct sound track for your audio system. Often Netflix has both a stereo and surround sound track. This can often be changed easily in your Netflix devices settings.


Sometimes this is the way that the movies' sound is designed, often TV stations will compress the sound heavily so that it is all one volume. 


If you want a consistent volume, you can try finding a "night mode" or Dynamic Range setting in your sound system.


Get in touch if you're a New Zealander with any other sound system issue, we're here to help!


Oppo Netflix, netflix home theater

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