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McIntosh MA9000 MA8000 Review Soundstage


McIntosh's MA9000 wins Product of the Year.


McIntosh's MA9000 has earned the Soundstage 'Product of the Year' title.


Following on from McIntosh's award winning super-integrated, the MA8000, the MA9000 boasts all sorts of new technologies, while holding on to the classic McIntosh aesthetic and sound.


To understand the reasoning for these numerous accolades, let's take a look at the make up of McIntosh's MA9000.



Digital acrobat

The MA9000 features a discrete DAC module, meaning that should any newer standards be released it can be replaced.

This undoes some of the limitations of integrated amplifiers when considering discrete systems.


The included module features both USB, 2x Coax and 2x Toslink as well as McIntosh's MCT input. The former offering PCM sample rates up to 32 -bit / 384KHz and DSD / DXD streams. Toslink and Coax allow the most common high res standards of 24 -bit / 96KHz with the MCT input allowing SACD DSD & PCM via McIntosh's disc transports.

McIntosh MA9000 MA8000 Review Soundstage




Phono fanatic

The MA9000 also features a very capable moving coil and moving magnet phono preamplifier. The two discrete circuits feature individual inputs, allowing a range of configuration options.

The onboard menu also enables the user to specify impedance loading.




And all the rest...

Along with the DAC and Phono inputs are 6 other RCA inputs, all assignable with different gain levels and custom naming.

A set of pre outputs and main inputs sit left of these, bridged via McIntosh's adapters. To the left of these are a set of fixed level outputs.

Furthermore, two sets of balanced inputs allow connection of higher quality components and pro gear. a pair of balanced pre-outputs enable the use of dual subs or external power amplification, in case 300w per channel isn't enough.




"McIntosh Laboratory’s MA9000 is one of the most complete audio products I’ve reviewed." 




McIntosh MA9000 MA8000 Review SoundstageMcIntosh MA9000 MA8000 Review SoundstageMcIntosh MA9000 MA8000 Review Soundstage

Fine tuning

The MA9000 features an 8 band EQ, allowing you to up the ante for a party, tone down the sibilance on that harsh 90's master, or just tune your stereo the way you like it.

Secure connection

McIntosh's own cinch connectors use a tensioned clamp to make a really satisfying connection on all connections.

Signed signature

McIntosh has also bestowed their monogrammed heatsinks upon the MA9000 for that extra pizazz.



Ample amplification

McIntosh combine all of these aspects together with their famed autoformer topology, the culmination of over 70 years in amplifier design experience. These not only protect the speakers, but also help to keep the impedance constant for the amplifier circuit. This further ensures that the amplifier is constantly operating within its intended tolerances. The tangible result is that the amplifier is always at its best, hot or cold.


McIntosh MA9000 MA8000 Review Soundstage




Convenience without compromise

With 300 watts per channel into any impedance (thanks to the autoformers), the MA9000 really offers a flexible solution in a single box. The MA9000 is not a compromise, but a logical choice for those wanting extraordinary sound without the need for excess boxes and cabling.The MA9000 amalgamates a multi-box stereo into a a very well performing unit of discrete devices, resulting in the best integrated money can buy.


Don't take my word for it, book a demo now.







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