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Condition Yourselves!

Isotek NZ, power conditioning, power filtration, hifi upgrade,


The Listening Post Wellington & Christchurch Welcome IsoTek

We're happy to announce that IsoTek has joined The Listening Post family.

IsoTek is an English company making award-winning power optimisation products for HiFi gear of any level.

Here is what IsoTek have to say...


"Our highly specialised mains conditioners actively clean the power obtained from your wall sockets before it reaches your hi-fi or audio visual system, and our range of power cables further enhance this improvement. Our solutions cover a wide range of systems, delivering significant upgrades in performance at competitive prices.


IsoTek products are enjoyed by more than 100,000 customers in over 45 countries, and have earned numerous accolades from specialist audio and AV publications worldwide.


We are recognised as the leader in clean-power technology, a fact reinforced by the highly respected consumer electronics brands that have used IsoTek in the development and demonstration of their products, including Arcam, Denon, Genesis Advanced Technologies, Marantz, Monitor Audio, Nordost, Onkyo, Pioneer, PMC, Primare, Roksan and TEAC Esoteric.


All IsoTek products are designed for purpose, manufactured in Europe and built to last."


We've started by bringing in a few core products from IsoTek.


IsoTek Polaris Evo 3

Starting with the Polaris, this is a fairly affordable intro into what good filtration can offer. The main points of interest on this are it looks and feels premium.
It features 6 outlets, all isolated from one another to help dramatically reduce common mode noise as well as differential. It also boasts a 30dB reduction in RFI as well as 13,500 Amperes of instantaneous protection.




Polaris AU


Isotek NZ, power conditioning, power filtration, hifi upgrade,

IsoTek Aquarius Evo 3

The Aquarius offers a big step up in performance over it's little brother. While retaining 6 outlets, each has it's own unique conditioning stage to completely remove any Differential Mode Interference. It also drops RFI by a whopping 60dB. Another feature is, while some conditioners limit high current power amplifiers, IsoTek provides two high current capability outlets which are designed to not restrict fast transients.



IsoTek Power Cables
As well as these active components, we have also brought in a range of their power cables from the very affordable Initium power cable, as well as the Premier and the Elite. These come in a variety of terminations including the standard C7 and C17 as well as the higher current C19 terminations.


Isotek NZ, power conditioning, power filtration, hifi upgrade,

You can see all of IsoTek's range on our website here
, and of course you're more than welcome to drop by into one of our stores and hear what IsoTek can offer you.



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