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Voice Coil

A Voice Coil is a piece of metal, usually Copper, that is bonded to the Woofer's cone.

It is a circular coil that is controlled by a magnet. As an electrical musical signal is applied to the coil, it moves due to the magnetic field of the magnets, thus moving the cone and producing sound.


The Coil can come in quite a few different sizes. Long throw woofers and subwoofers can have exceptionally long coils, or sometimes two coils paired with a second magnet assembly. This helps keep them well controlled and means they can have a higher excursion.

Voice Coils can also be made from other materials, such as Aluminium which is a lot lighter than copper. This means they can have a larger coil without adding too much weight meaning for a more controlled and pistonic movement. However this is at the cost of conductivity, meaning you would need more power.


 Voice Coil, What is a voice coil?


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