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DoP protocol



USB has become a very popular method for connecting DACs to Computers, but USB 2.0's Audio specification doesn't allow for DSD information to be sent to a DAC over USB. There is an allowance for 'Raw' audio, but the support for this 'mode' is very spotty. Notably, Windows users can use Steinberg Audio's ASIO driver to send DSD information to a DAC that supports it. Mac users are out of luck as of OS 10.7. This poses a problem for Mac fans of the DSD format. Luckily, a number of manufacturers have gotten together to work on an open standard to allow DSD information to be sent over a PCM connection. This means that there is a conversion of the data before it's sent to the DAC, but it does not have to be converted to PCM.


For more information, you can read the white paper at:  The Dop Open Protocol




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