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Easy and Cost-Effective Extra MusicCast Zones!

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Very cool MusicCast Add-On Arrives in Store


Yamaha WX-AD10 MusicCast Zone Add-on -$349.00


Yamaha have done it again. Whenever we expect something cool from them, they manage to produce something even better than expected.


The WX-AD10 is a compact and cost effective streamer, designed to be added to older equipment that may not have streaming built in or to any other system you would like to tie into a MusicCast Mutli-Room system.


After playing with the WX-AD for a little while I am convinced it is suitable for a huge range of people  and systems: It is easy to set up, sounds way better than it has any right to and is incredibly flexible.


If you have any traditional system and want to add reasonable quality streaming, you need a WX-AD10. It is by far the best sounding and most flexible option at anywhere near the price.



I can imagine the WX-AD10 in all sorts of systems:

  • Streaming Source for traditional multi-room systems
  • Source with Bluetooth / Airplay and Streaming for a mini-system
  • Adding extra rooms to an existing MusicCast System
  • Adding internet radio to any system
  • Transforming a pair of active speakers into a complete stereo
  • Just about any other system you can dream up...

"Details were crisp and clear with the overall sound balanced towards a little warm and forgiving"


Sound Quality:

Most compact streamers have sound quality that can only be described as basic. The WX-AD10 certainly bucks the trend. I was very pleasantly surprised by the sound quality of the unit. Details were crisp and clear with the overall  sound balanced towards a little warm and forgiving.


It's certainly no slouch and could be partnered with relatively nice gear and not sound out of place. Top end streamer and DAC's certainly have the edge, but at nowhere near the price of this unit. 


spotify connect, musiccast zone, musiccast

Overall Package:

It's very hard to fault the WX-AD10 for the price. I think if anyone is looking for an inexpensive streamer or looking to start on a simple multi-room journey the WX-AD10 is a no brainer.


Pop into one of our stores to have a listen and a play to see for yourself or view the WX-AD10 online:

Yamaha WX-AD10






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