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Step by step guide to DSD over USB for Windows

Oppo DSD Walkthrough



This article is design to quickly go through the process of setting up your Windows PC for easy playback of very high quality DSD files to compatible DAC's. The process outlined should equally work with any DSD over USB compatible DAC.


There are a number of ways  to do this, but I will go through the process using my Oppo HA-2 USB DAC and Foobar 2000.


If you're just looking to get the most of your USB DAC with PCM files or from your Mac PC, it might be worth checking out a few of the other articles on the topic that we have put together:


There are a number of free DSD tracks available so that you too can give this a go:

You can download the core FooBar 2000 music player here: 

Now down to business, the following FooBar 2000 plugins are required for good quality DSD playback:

To install the foo_out_asio component, simply drag and drop it into your Foobar 2000 component folder:


dacs, dsd, oppo ha-2

To install the foo_input_sacd simply double click the install application.


Once the components have been installed it's a relatively simple matter of configuring the drivers. 


dacs, dsd, oppo ha-2

Under the main preferences menu, select Playback > Output > ASIO: foo_dsd_asio


dacs, dsd, oppo ha-2

Select the ASIO driver for the correct device and you are away! Now just click on the tracks and you should be playing happily!



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